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How to bet on cards?

Bet on cards

Bet on cards

In order to take advantage of discrepancies in the odds that were offered by the bookmakers, a smart bettor should use information that others do not have. But if you can’t find such information then you can bet on cards because there you can find betting value.

The main betting markets that are mostly popular (totals, 1X2 and handicap) are used widely but when it comes to this type of betting market a lot of time and resources are needed for the bookmakers to make their odds. And that is what a smart bettor should pay attention to, because lack of time spent in forming the odds for bet on cards in soccer can make you to spot discrepancies.

Different markets are being offered by different bookmakers when it comes to bet on cards. If we look at Pinnacle, Pinnacle offers Total and Handicap cards market when it comes to Premier League, Champions League, Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga and in all of them there is a point system. 1 point is yellow card and the red card is 2 points (it goes by the logic that two yellow cards end up in a red card). But that is resulting with 3 points where two are for the resulting red if there is a second yellow and one is of course of the first yellow card.

A figure of the combined cards points is set by the bookmaker when it comes to the total cards betting and you as a bettor can choose to bet on the actual figure being under or over the bookmaker’s figure.

If we take as an example a match between Tottenham Hotspur and Crystal Palace, the total points might be 4.5 and you place a bet 2 points for Tottenham and three points for Crystal Palace and you will win that total bet. In any other scenario you will lose the bet.

Just as any other Handicap market, the Handicap cards betting is the same (the bookmaker offers a side as a – and as a +).  If we take again the same example from above, and you bet on Tottenham Hotspur -1 and/or Crystal Palace +1. In order to win your bet Tottenham will need to accumulate 2 more card points than Crystal Palace and in other to win the second bet, Crystal Palace should accumulate the same or more card points.

If you decide to bet on cards, then there are many factors that you should pay attention on. The most useful stats are: average number of cards per match, fouls per match and tackles per match.

Average TPG, FPG and CPG for Premier League teams from 2013/14 to now

TeamsAverage TPGAverage FPGAverage CPG
Crystal Palace19.712.51.8
Hull City18.711.11.7
Leicester City19.911.61.5
Manchester City18.810.91.9
Manchester United18.912.11.9
Stoke City17.611.81.9
Swansea City17.210.61.5
Tottenham Hotspur20.111.62.0
West Ham16.910.81.8

Bet on cards

Possession-centric teams such as Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have above average number of cards per match and above average number of fouls per match. There are also teams in the Premier League that will make their opposition to commit more fouls per match and receive more cards per match than the others.

Average OFPG and OCPG for Premier League teams from 2013/14 to now


TeamsAverage OFPGAvergae OCPG
Crystal Palace11.61.7
Hull City11.11.6
Leicester City9.41.6
Manchester City10.11.8
Manchester United11.11.8
Stoke City11.41.7
Swansea City11.81.9
Tottenham Hotspur11.12.0
West Ham11.61.7

You should realize that in the above shown tables you cannot see when these fouls and cards are accumulated.

On the other hand there is something else that you should pay attention to if you want to use the cards betting. Referee is the one that makes the decisions and the one that will give a card to a player. And some referees give more cards than others referees.

Average referee CPG in the Premier League from 2013/14 to now

Andre Marriner3.
Anthony Taylor3.
Craig Pawson2.
Graham Scott4.33.23.8
Jonathan Moss3.
Kevin Friend3.
Lee Mason3.
Mark Clattenburg3.
Martin Atkinson3.
Michael Oliver3.
Mike Dean3.
Mike Jones3.
Neil Swarbrick3.
Paul Tierney3.02.93.0
Robert Madley3.42.552.94.13.2
Roger East4.
Stuart Attwell3.33.23.3

All the tables shown here are from the season 2013/14.