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Both Teams To Score

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) Betting Strategy/System

Both Teams To Score

When it comes to football everything is about the goals. There are some teams that score a lot of goals and there are teams the opposite of those teams that don’t score a lot of goals. But one thing is certain and that is that in each match there is high chance of goal to be scored.

That is why the BTTS betting market (Both Teams To Score) is really popular. It is a market that you cheer for both teams to score at least one goal in that match.

We already mentioned this type of market in our previous articles but in this one we are going to show you the best strategy that you can use if you decide to bet on this market.

If you want to have fun just one time you can just make a guess and hope that that will be your lucky day and win your bet, but if you really want to win the bet you should analyze all the possible factors that can have influence on that match.

BTTS is always a good choice when you decide to bet because you are cheering both teams to score a goal in one match.

The odds can range from 8/11 to 23/20 and also they can be even higher in some examples and really unique situations. So with placing $5 bet you can get back easy $25.

So if you want to really profit out of this betting market, you should follow five rules:

The first one is to do your homework. By this we mean that you should bet smart because after all football is one of the most unpredictable sports so you should keep in mind all the factors. Today you can find all the needed information on Internet.

The second rule is that you should check out the English Premier League tables from the previous seasons and how much goals have been scored in average by both teams. Why do you need to do that? Because you need to be sure that there is no huge disparity between the two teams that you are going to bet on. And you can conclude that there are some teams that score more goals on their travels and example for that is Crystal Palace if you look at the League Premier table from 2014/15 season.

The third rule is to check the head-to-head record. You should know check if those two teams already played this season and to keep an eye on the score if they did. If you want to bet logically and to be a smart bettor you should make a good research before placing your money on the bet.

The fourth rule is to check the form book. According to the old saying ‘’Form is temporary but class is permanent’’.  So if a team is scoring a lot of goals feel free to place your bet on that match, while if there is a team that has trouble with scoring a single game per match you should avoid betting on that match.

The fifth and final rule is to keep an eye out for goal machines. There are some teams that have that special type of player that manage to score a goal no matter the situation in which that player’s team is and no matter where are they playing. But not all teams have that special type of players so you should make a research about that as well. Also pay attention to if those players got injured recently so that team might struggle with finding the right replacement for that player.