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Sure Football Prediction 1×2 Free Tips

Sure Football Prediction 1×2 Free Tips

Wednesday, 03 April 2019

Sure Football Prediction 1x2 Free Tips

21:00 Genoa – Inter

[1: 3.92] [X: 3.20] [2: 2.03] | Italy: Serie A

Inter – Genoa 5:0 (2:0) 03.11.2018 Serie A

Genoa – Inter 2:0 (1:0) 17.02.2018 Serie A
Inter – Genoa 1:0 (0:0) 24.09.2017 Serie A

Genoa – Inter 1:0 (0:0) 07.05.2017 Serie A
Inter – Genoa 2:0 (1:0) 11.12.2016 Serie A

Genoa – Inter 1:0 (0:0) 20.04.2016 Serie A
Inter – Genoa 1:0 (0:0) 05.12.2015 Serie A

Genoa – Inter 3:2 (2:2) 23.05.2015 Serie A
Inter – Genoa 3:1 (2:0) 11.01.2015 Serie A

Genoa – Inter 1:0 (0:0) 19.01.2014 Serie A
Inter – Genoa 2:0 (0:0) 25.08.2013 Serie A

Genoa – Inter 0:0 (0:0) 12.05.2013 Serie A
Inter – Genoa 1:1 (0:0) 22.12.2012 Serie A

Our Pick: Genoa Win

Sure Football Prediction 1x2 Free Tips

Betting Predictions

Ever wondered why the world’s top psychics get paid so much? Because they usually give people sound advice. The system they use will surprise you; such as reading the palms of your hands, analyzing your zodiac sign to determine your future, and intuitively evaluating what type of nonverbal messages they get from your projected energy. They follow a particular system, and a sports betting agency’s predictions work the same way.


RegisterBet’s predictions are based on game-changing factors, such as:

  1. analyzing past scores to determine future possibilities
  2. evaluating performance levels of each team by measuring wins and losses
  3. judging the reputation of each team to decide who is more privy to winning, and using a set of mathematical algorithms to calculate who has the best chances of a victory.

Sure Football Prediction 1×2

Expert data combined with intuition and general knowledge about leagues and games helps hundreds of thousands of players win daily. Every aspect of the prediction system could be used to your advantage.

1X2 (Three-Way Betting)


Players can switch the scoreboard to specific dates showing past games on most events, classified under Live Games and Finished Games. Each game will have either a 1, X, or 2 next to them, indicating different types of betting predictions. 1X2 is three-way betting predictions based on hundreds of events, which ultimately has three clear outcomes. 1 means home, X ways to draw, and 2 means away games.


BTTS (Both Teams To Score)


BTTS (Both teams to score odds) is part of the betting system in which both teams are projected to score something, and you bet on that. This prediction system may give you an edge if both teams are good because each has a chance of scoring.


U/O (Under-Over)


The UO will let you know whether the final score will be over or under the potential score. Register but has a system that will generate a potential score by measuring it against other odds to produce a feasible percentage.

Sure Football Prediction 1×2